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Monday, May 21, 2018
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Online Company & Trademark Registration Process

Steps to Register a Company in India

Registering your company can be a daunting task! But if you get somebody to guide you thoroughly on the registration process, it will be just a cake walk. Also after the ‘Make in India” initiative, the Online Trademark Registration Process has been eased out a lot.

There are easy steps to be followed to register your company online as for offline. If you physically wish to register your company in Delhi, it would be tedious job surely. Thus, online registration of a company is much easier.

Simply get four certificates Director Identification Number (DIN) and Digital Signature Certificate or DSC. After obtaining these certificates, the business owner only needs to full up the e-form and apply for the registration of his company.

Here are the steps explained for the registration of the company

1. To start the procedure, the company is supposed to obtain a Director Identification Number that is provided to each director of the company separately. From the amendment act 2006, obtaining this DIN has been made compulsory for each director.

2. To obtain this DIN, each director has to file DIN1 form. This form is easily available on the website.

3. For this, one needs get registered on the MCA website and then create your own login details. With these credentials, businessmen can submit forms and documents online.

4. After this step, the e-form needs to be uploaded and after the form is successfully uploaded, the fee applicable needs to be paid.

5. Once, all the directors obtain their DIN, they are required to intimate the company their DIN with the use of DIN-2 Form. Along with this DIN number receiving proof needs to be attached.

6. Once, all the above-mentioned steps are done successfully, the company should proceed ahead to apply for the ROC(Registrar of corporate), through which all the directors get registered. This is done through the DIN-3 form.

7. To make sure, all the online documents are submitted accurately, the company needs to acquire the digital signature certificate. This is the safest method to submit all your important documents online in accordance with the information act 2000.

8. One needs to apply for Registering the office address, Incorporating company name, the information about the shares of the company, notice for appointment of the directors, Managers, and secretary. For all these above, various forms that like Form-1A,18,32 need to be correctly filled.

After, all your required forms are submitted, you would receive an email stating your application for the registration of a new company and now the status of the form would be changed to “Approved”. Thus, you read all about the Best Company Registration Process in India.

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