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Monday, May 21, 2018
You are here : Company and Trademark Registration Process

Company and Trademark Registration Process

By getting the online trademark registration in Delhi, one can save time and do all the legal proceedings at the click of the mouse. All the objections, if any, can also be clarified online itself, through the relevant sites for the same.

The goodwill and brand value of a business is represented by its trademark and it separates the products and services of the business from the competitor’s existing in the same market.

This helps the public to link the business with the day-to-day products used by them.

The online trademark registration in Delhi is very important for business as it helps in giving it recognition and this is something that is crucial for the growth of every company.

The added advantage of trademark registration is that people always follow the trend of going with the brands.

Features of trademark:

• The owner of the trademark can be either an individual or a business organization or any other legal firm- partnership firm or a start-up or a company or a trust or society, or anybody.

• There are in total 45 classes of Trademark under the Trademark Act, 1999.

Class 1 to 34 is for goods
Class 35 to 45 for services

Procedure for trademark registration:

• The foremost step is to check the availability of the name of the brand under the specific class. The most important part of the Trademark should be that it should be unique and distinct from others, who have registered under the same class. Or else the trademark ministry will not accept the application made.

• The next step is to apply for the Trademark Registration with the payment of the government fees prescribed for the same.

• The documents enlisted below are to be submitted:

 Name, address and Nationality proof of the owner.
 PAN card of the applicant.
 In case of a company- the certificate of incorporation.
 If the trademark is used previously- its date and the documents supporting the same.
 The power of attorney, duly signed by the owner.
 The copy of the Trademark/ Logo in a JPEG format.

• Once the above documents are submitted along with the prescribed fees, the ministry shall generate a Challan, which is a proof of successful submission of the Application and with this the owner is entitled to use the trademark symbol ™ with their brand name.

• The ministry will then provide an examination report after checking the application under section 9 and 11 of the Trademark Act and has all the authority to raise an objection. The ministry provides a time limit within which the owner needs to file a reply to the same.

• In case there is no objection raised, the registrar passes the trademark to be advertised in the ‘Trademarks Journal’.

• At times, there is a third party objection. In such a situation, the applicant needs to file a reply within the prescribed time limit and in the specified format along with proper documents evidencing the same.

• If there is no objection within 4 months of the application, the trademark gets registered within 6-7 months. So for a complete registration of a trademark, it takes about 12-18 months.

• Once the trademark is registered others are restricted from using the same logo or mark in their work.

• The registration is valid for ten years and can be renewed for 10 more years before 6 months of the expiry of the ten years.

It can be rightly said that the company registration process in Delhi helps in giving acknowledgment to the business in the eyes of the general public with the help of a logo or brand name.

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